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Your On-line Catalog or Shopping Mall
Leisurely Browsing and Shopping
For Personalized and Specialized Customer Service
Pamper Your Customers ...
Great Adventures Travel Agency Salem NH
New England Fun Frames
Harwich Haven - Cape Cod Vacation Rental Home

With an On-Line Product and Service Showcase
An array of products and services greet your customer -- the highlights of your line and perhaps specials and web-only featured opportunities! What a great way to bring attention to what you do best. What an effective way of displaying your wares.
Where They Browse On-line at Their Leisure
A convenient and user friendly portal where your customers investigate and inform themselves about you, your business, your products and services, and where they can bring their friends too! Your customers and clients can pay you a virtual visit from their offices and homes, on weekdays, nights and weekends ... at their convenience and when they have time to consider the options you offer. It's the basic premise of e-commerce and fulfillment of step one in the sales process.
And You Complete the Personalized Transaction
A quick email, webform or phonecall from your customer lets you know they need more information, have made a selection, or need you to round out their selection with those personal touches so important to your way of doing businss.

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