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Is Your Web Site Lonely?
Glass Roots - Plant Rooters
#1 ranking on Google
Total Sports Management - Hockey Agents
#3 ranking on Google
DemoBags - Tough Contractor CleanUp Bags
#1 ranking on Google
CDC Packaging Corporation
#2 ranking on Google
Holistic Spiritual Counseling Services Shrewsbury MA
#1 ranking on Google
#1 ranking on Google

Is The Only One Who's Visiting ... You?
Let's face the facts: you've gone to the time and expense to create a web site for your business and it's just not doing its job. It's not generating new business for you. New customers - and even old customers - are amazed to find that you actually do have a web site. So what went wrong?
Search Engines Can't Find You
Actually, with the depth and breadth of today's search engines, it's more than likely that they've found your web site. The problem is that they just don't know what to do with you...

Flash Sites
For example: you may have a beautifully designed web site, but it's been created in Flash. And that's a problem because search engines don't read Flash...

Text As Images
Or perhaps you're using a lot of pictures on your web site but there's very little actual text. The text that you have has been superimposed onto the images. And that's a problem because search engines can't read your images. But they do read text, and the more targeted the text, the better they like it...

Keyword Phrases
And that's the most common problem. Your web site probably isn't using the actual keyword phrases that your prospective customers are keying into the search engines in order to find your type of business.

Title Tags
Take a look at your title tag - the line of text at the very top of your web page. Does it say "Welcome to" and then shows the name of your company? Well, what happens when your prospective customers don't know the name of your company? But they do know that they want to find a company that makes those famous blue widgets. So, what they'll key into the search engines is the keyword phrase "blue widgets."

So, since Search Engines use the page title information in their search results, you really want to take advantage of this advertising space by having to-the-point phraseology there. Sure, you can put your company name in the title tag, but first use those keyword phrases that best describe what your company does.

And don't forget to put in your geographical location too. Why? Because you also want to be found by those prospective customers who are looking for a local business who sells or manufactures those famous blue widgets.
Why Local Search Is Important
70% of U.S. Households Use The Internet For Local Businesses
Not sure your customers use the Internet? They most certainly do. According to a study by The Kelsey Group in March 2005, 70% of U.S. households use the Internet as an information source when shopping locally for products and services.

Local search listings are imperative for businesses that only serve a local area, such as a dry cleaner or home repair services. They also benefit businesses that people from other states, cities or regions might search for, either in connection with travel or for relatives who live in your area, for instance someone seeking a spa they can visit during a business trip or a medical specialist for their parent living far away. The second category of people usually don't have access to the Yellow Pages for your area, yet if you are listed online, they will be more likely to find you.
What We Can Do For You
We Build Business Web Sites That Get Top Search Engine Rankings
At Cheryl K. Perkins & Associates, we've had solid success with getting top search engine rankings for our clients. Following is a sampling of our websites that are currently enjoying top page rankings:

National/International Search Listings:
  • Glass Roots A Home & Garden Retail Web Site, featuring secure on-line ordering and transactions.  Glass Roots is #1 on Google, #1 on Yahoo and #1 on MSN for the search phrase "plant rooters".
  • Total Sports Management, LLC A hockey agency web site. They're #3 on Google, #6 on Yahoo; #2 on MSN for the phrase "hockey agents."
  • DemoBags A construction products web site. #1 on Google, #1 on Yahoo and #1 on MSN for the search phrase "Contractor Cleanup Bag."
Local Search Listings:
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